Cleveland Drive-In Theatre, Cleveland Georgia


 Last Night 1987

AT THE DRIVE IN by Ken Woodall.






  Ticket Booth

  Concessions Building

  Projection Booth


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Attached are some photos of the drive in. It was called "Cleveland Drive
In Theatre". Located in Cleveland, Ga. Built in early 50's and closed
in 1987. I owned the theatre for about 28 years.
I bought it from my brother in 1965. I was 23 years old. It is a wonder
that I didn't get my body and face and every thing else smashed to
kingdom come when I would go out on the lot to keep things quiet and
orderly. There were lots of good old mountain boys there. Could have
demolished me. But never had a problem.
Just remember that I had to do what I told them otherwise things would
have gotten out of hand. Overall everyone was nice. Had more trouble
with the "Holly Roller" neighbors than anything else. They would
complain if they rode by and saw the least bit of "skin". I had my
vengeance a few years ago when I sold the theatre to a garbage company.
I figured they would make the property look awful......and you know
what.......they did. Looks awful!
Lots of good times over the years. Still miss it today.
Some of the attached photos were taken when I was open. And then some
when I was closed. The one where I am drinking from a cup was taken the
last night I was open. Also, the young neighborhood kids. The B&W ones
were taken very soon after I bought the theatre. Ken