Mason City Drive-In Theatre


 Aerial Start & Finish

 Ticket Booth

 Sign Advertising in the Winter  
 Ground Start & Finish

 Concessions Building

 Red Star on Ticket  

 Projection Booth

The first show for the Drive-In Theatre was in May 10,1949

The first Movie was Abbott and Costello "IN THE NAVY"

Admission: Adults $0.60 Children Under 12, with Adults, Free


The last show for the Mason City Drive-In was Oct 9, 1996

The Last Movies Showin were "TWISTER", "ERASER", "EXECUTIVE DECISION"

Admission: Adults $4.50


In the summer of 1997, our drive-in theatre was removed and a

New Car Dealership has been built.


Iowa had 7 in operation when the Mason City Drive-In closed and now only 3.

I saved about 25 pick up loads from the Mason City Drive-In starting a new road

for me, The Drive-In Theatre Museum.

I have now saved what I could from 4 Iowa Drive-In's.